UpFront Promotions in California


Stay UpFront and center with your advertising – events and promotions get noticed when you market with inflatables and advertising flags!


Services You Need

You’ve heard the term one stop shop, well UpFront Promotions is your ultimate one stop shop! From ordering to design to installation, we are here to serve you. Give us a call so we can help you with your promotion and advertising needs.

Why Use Inflatable Advertising?

Brings in Customers to your California Location

People pass by your location every day. Inflatable advertising attracts attention so they look at your business and notice your special offers and promotions.

Budget Friendly

Unlike a TV commercial or giant billboard, when you advertise with inflatables, your budget will thank you! Inflatables are one of the lowest cost forms of advertising available. See for yourself, you will not be disappointed!

Builds a Fun and Engaging Brand Image

Nobody can resist the crazy dances of a tube dancer or a giant replica of your product. They are the types of things that people take pictures of and post on social media. News travels fast! Your company image and brand will be in the spotlight creating buzz in no time!

Rise Above the Competition

Take your promotions to the front of the line! Consumers are busy… and distracted, offer them something different from what your competitors are doing and they will spread the word about you.


Inflatable Advertising in California

Have you ever imagined your product as a giant replica or even your logo on an oversized advertising balloon? At UpFront Promotions, we bring your ideas to life in the form of a custom design, created just for you. For maximum impact, a custom shaped balloon is your best bet. After all, the statement ‘Go Big’ is the only way to go when it comes to attracting attention. If something more balloon-style is more your style, then a hot air advertising balloon is your perfect partner. Use them to promote a wide variety of products or services, from restaurants to clothing stores. Even home builders use hot air advertising balloons. Their bright, attractive colors are unmistakable for promotions. Add in some advertising flags and your promotion will not just meet your sales expectations, but EXCEED them!